Amy gives me a hard time for not contributing to the blog as much as I used to.  I’m not sure why I need to, I post the occasional Instagram photo or Facebook post and she writes the blog posts.  Plus lets admit it, she’s good at it.  Sometimes I forget its been another month (or 2) until I see the post she’s written.  I’m glad she’s on top of this, time flies and Graham has changed so much, its nice to be able to look back and remember everything.

Today I decided to pick something Amy won’t speculate on.  I keep trying to get her to say if she would rather have a boy or a girl and can’t get a straight answer.  I agree with her that I don’t care.  That was a big factor in waiting to find out this time.  Both of us are so grateful to be able to have a 2nd we just want him/her to be healthy.  Although secretly I kinda want another boy.  Sorry Jessica, its nothing against you, but I kinda wonder what it would’ve been like to have a brother to beat up once in a while.

The story starts a few weeks ago at an appointment with our doctor.  He had told us in the past that he didn’t want to know the gender either, because he was bad at keeping secrets.  So as far as we were concerned the gender was “appropriately gendered” or something along those lines.  Well at this appointment he decided to whip out an ultrasound machine and was looking around, and said “oops, you guys know the gender right?” and we instantly looked at the screen really hard and were like “no?”.  He moved it fast enough neither of us saw anything.  I asked Amy and she had no clue, I’m guessing he asked us that because it was really easy to tell at the time.  So I’m thinking it was a boy, but thats just a hunch.  So 2 weeks later (1 week ago) we were at another appointment with him and he checked the heart rate.  He told us the heart rate was at 120.  He said, “you know what that means right?”  We both knew it meant it could be a boy or girl one, but wanted to hear him say it.  Amy asked and he said that people believe that means its going to be a boy.  Again he wouldn’t come out and say it.  He also continued to say that this isn’t a real science and it is often wrong.  When people are trying to guess the gender, the heart rate thing is the question I hear most, but I don’t hang out around a lot of people that guess baby genders so what do I know.  The 2nd thing is what brings me to what happened to Amy today.  She was walking across the campus at her work and someone she didn’t know jumped out and told her she was having a boy.  As a male, this sounds so weird to me.  I wouldn’t even tell a random woman she was pregnant let alone let her know that I could tell how high/low she was carrying a baby.  Amy said something like this happened before Graham and they told her the same thing.  If I remember right the person touched her stomach last time.  So anyways, I think all the signs are pointing to a boy.  As soon as I say this, it will probably be a girl and Amy will accuse me of not loving her as much.  Don’t be crazy, we’ll all love him/her the same no matter the gender.

The real point of the poll is more to ask what gender do you think it is, not what do you want it to be.  So there are no wrong answers here.  Nobody will know who said what, and nobody will hold it against you that you said a girl, or that you are wrong after the fact.  If you don’t see the poll below, you can go to this link and click on your choice.