About Me

Hello, I’m Nolan Carson. I live in Bennington, Nebraska and work in Omaha, Nebraska. I’m originally from Newton, Iowa and graduated from Simpson College with a Bachelors Degree of Computer Science. I played Football and Baseball in college and coached college football, but have competed in various sports my whole life. I’ve played and coached soccer, basketball, football and baseball at all levels from 3 year old soccer to U14 select football to Head Coach of High School Varsity Girls Soccer to being the JV Head Coach and Coordinators at the Division III College Football and a varsity position coach for 4 years.

In my professional career I am a Senior Director of Business Information Systems at Burlington Capital in the heart of the Old Market in downtown Omaha. I’ve been there for over 10 years and have past experience working at the former Maytag Corporation Headquarters in my hometown of Newton, Iowa for a few years.

Our family is actively involved in the Bennington Community (the fastest growing school district in Nebraska). We love the local schools and our kids compete in about every sport Bennington offers.